Gwaii Haanas National Park, Queen Charlotte Islands
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The big trees of Haida GwaiiParks Canada (Gwaii Haanas National Park) through the "Archipelago Management Board" is managing Gwaii Haanas "so as to leave it unimpaired for the benefit, education and enjoyment of future generations". First Nations say that to know who you are and what your job is on earth, you must remember seven generations back - and think seven generations ahead. In planning for the seven generations yet to come, the goals of management are:
  1. To ensure dynamic and natural evolving ecosystems which sustain biodiversity
  2. To maintain Gwaii Haanas' outstanding natural and cultural heritage
  3. To provide a place for people to learn respect for nature by experiencing the environment on it's own terms
  4. To protect Haida heritage values so that Haida culture can continue to evolve in it's ancestral homeland, as part of the ecosystem that has always sustained it.